Signet rings for women

signet ring for women

Signet rings for women are smaller than those for men. The size of the ring, and thus the size of the gemstone are the biggest differences with signet rings for men. Signet rings for women often have a round or oval gemstone.

A type of stone that is often used for these rings (apart from the regular blue-layered stone) is the red-layered agate, giving the ring an extra feminine touch. Also, the engraving on signet rings for women usually are portrayed within an oval or diamond. An oval shape was used if the woman was married and a diamond for when she was not. Our online signet ring collection includes signet rings often worn by women. These are the somewhat smaller sized rings, worn on the ring finger or little finger. Our middle-sized and bigger-sized rings are also suitable for women when that is required.

We create signet rings for our customers world wide. Below some examples of our work.
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