Mens signet ring

mens signet ring

Mens signet rings are often bigger then those for women and this is the main difference between the two. Since the size of the gemstone is closely connected to the size of the ring (bigger ring means bigger gemstone), the gemstones are also bigger than those for women. Some men prefer blunt corners and others rounded. This is, however, no rule - round or oval gemstones are also popular among mens signet rings.

Another feature of signet rings for men is, when the signet ring has a coat of arms, many men choose to engrave the whole coat of arms - this includes the helmet, the crest and the mantling. For women, the engraving (in an oval or diamond shaped gemstone) often only includes the escutcheon and the crest.

We create signet rings for our customers world wide. Below some examples of our work.
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