Does my family have a signet ring?

coat of arms

A signet ring is usually engraved with a coat of arms. If your family has a coat of arms, you can have a signet ring made out of it. Does your family lack a coat of arms? No worries, a heraldic expert can design one for your family. The coat of arms has to comply with the traditional heraldic rules to be called so. It can then be used for a signet ring for you or your family.

In our massive archive of signet rings we can help to see if your family has a coat of arms or not; however, before you contact us, please make sure you have done geneological research about the roots of your family. Also you contact us if you want us to design your coat of arms, or simply to help you along in the process of purchasing a signet ring.

We create signet rings for our customers world wide. Below some examples of our work.
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