Custom made signet rings

signet ring

Having a signet ring made always requires you to make some choices. For example, the type or size of signet ring and engraving. Take a look at our online collection of signet rings for the many possibilities.

Different models

Signet rings are usually crafted from silver, gold or white gold. There are different kinds of gold, like 8, 14 of 18 carat. To guarantee you get a high quality signet ring, we usually work with 925 (92,5%) silver or 14 carat gold, but other materials are of course possible. The shape of the seal can also differ from ring to ring. Predominantly we use the oval and polished shaped seals. By clicking the button on your right we take you to our online collection showing the rings with corresponding prices. Our jewelry designer can offer you many more possibilities when it comes to shapes or sizes. Do you have any wishes concerning the signet ring? Contact us with your wishes for our jewelry designer.

Gemstones for signet rings

The seal of the signet ring is usually engraved in a gemstone. There are different types of gemstones. A couple of these are: the blue layered stone, agate (available in red and green), onyx, carnelian, bloodstone and the deep blue-colored lapis lazuli.

Agate gives a nice contrast since it is a kind of quartz that forms in concentric layers (the bottom of the stone is colored, giving a nice contrast between the upper and lower layer of the stone) emphasizing the coat of arms engraved in the stone. The most popular color of agate is blue, where the upper layer of the stone is blue and the lower layer black. The stone can be ordered in different shades of blue. Red and green agate also give a nice contrast. They consist of a light-colored upper layer and a red or green lower layer.

Engraving your signet ring

Signet rings can be engraved with different designs. Most prominent is the coat of arms of the family - sometimes only the escutcheon of the coat of arms. Another possibility is to engrave the ring with a monogram. A coat of arms is conventionally engraved mirror wise, making the seal legible for the people that had to receive the letters. A monogram on the other hand, is conventionally engraved in a normal fashion. Both ways of engraving can be done according to your wishes.

Size of the signet ring

The size of the engraving for the signet ring is entirely up to you. Sizes range from 8mm (for women) to 16mm (biggest ring for men) and everything in between.

We create signet rings for our customers world wide. Below some examples of our work.
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